Mammoth Ferro Rod - Deer Antler Handle

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The BushLore Mammoth is the perfect gift for anyone interested in learning more traditional fire making skills or who simply love bushcraft, camping or spending time in the great outdoors. 

The Mammoth features a chunky 1/2" thick Ferrocerium Rod that will last twice as long as most regular fire steels. It has a turned wooden handle and is hand rubbed with 3 separate coats of high quality boiled linseed oil, finished with a 3mm leather rustic brown cord and a heat branded BushLore Owl motif on top. This rod comes with a multipurpose black steel striker.

Firesteel Specifications:
- Ferrocerium Rod Size: 1.3cm x 6.5cm
- Rod & Handle Length: 11.5cm
- Multi Purpose Metal Striker: Scraper, Bottle Opener & Map Rangefinder.
- Produces up to 3000° C sparks
- Firesteel & striker will last over 10,000 strikes
- Additional black paracord for increased durability that can be used in lieu of 
leather cord.

Package Contents: 
- 1 BushLore Mammoth Ferrocerium Rod
- Alternative Black Paracord Replacement 

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BushLore puts great emphasis on ethical material sourcing, supporting a range of British companies throughout the British Isles.