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Traditional style wooden Kuksa cup, this wooden drinking vessels is handmade by artisan woodworkers here in Britain from sycamore exclusively for Bushlore. The wood is harvested from sustainable, managed woodland and carved on-site. It is the perfect natural drinking vessel to take with you on your adventures into the wilderness, Inspired by the Kuksa, or Guksi in Finnish, these cups are traditionally crafted by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. 

Product Details: The BushLore Sycamore Kuksa (Approx 250ml) 

The BushLore Kuksa will hold approximately 250 ml (8.7 fl oz) of liquid, about as much as a normal sized coffee/tea mug. Lightweight, very portable, sustainable and beautiful. Our Kuksas are finished with a coat of food grade tung oil or raw linseed oil.

Along with your Kuksa you will receive a care & culture sheet, explaining the traditional ways of breaking your Kuksa in along with the simplicity of cleaning it.

- This is for a single Kuksa, any additional content is shown purely to illustrate use, scale or context.

Wood grain patterning and colouring will vary from Kuksa to Kuksa, depending on when the wood was cut/ carved and for how long they have been allowed to dry out for. The longer the wood is left to cure for, the richer the wood grain on these Sycamore Kuksas will go. The image above shows a Sycamore Kuksa after several months of drying out with exposure to sunlight. The same goes for what you use your Kuksa for, for example using it for coffee will of course give it a much darker finish, as well as offering a natural protection on the interior of the cup. 

These are made in very small batches, so may not always be immediately available. So be sure to check out the processing time, we will update this based on stock levels/ availability.

This will make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys traditional living or an appreciation for natural handcrafted products.