English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks
English Flint - Rough Chunks

English Flint - Rough Chunks

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Mixed English flint chunks, shards and/or blades, sourced from the South of England, these flint pieces are roughly knapped and vary in size, shape and form.

Product Specification:
- Between 500g - 1kg Flint chunks and shards (depending on chosen weight)
- Roughly knapped chunks

Please take care when handling knapped flint, the edges are incredibly sharp.

We do offer International shipping on this item, however due to the weight of the flint this is at an increased price.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any and all queries!

Any additional items featured within our product photography are purely to show context/ the item in use and are not included in the sale. Refer to 'Package Contents' if there is any confusion over what you are purchasing. If in doubt, you can always contact us too on: sales@bushlore.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All of our products are handmade using traditional and/or natural materials. This means there will be variations in the colours, sizes and shapes of certain items.

If purchasing leather items: All leather pouches are handmade using natural materials, this means that growth-marks and scars may be visible on the leather, along with variations in antler size, shape and colour, making each pouch unique.

- All smoke is carcinogenic, so take care not to inhale it when handling, blowing and creating your fire.

- Always seek permission and obey the laws within your specific county and/or country when pursuing these kinds of activities.

We recommend the following safety precautions be taken when carrying out the practical activities using our equipment. These are:

- Care should be taken with our flint as it is 'knapped' to have a very sharp edge.

- Wear eye protection.

- Wear protective gloves (e.g. well-fitting leather work gloves)

- Not suitable for children (equipment should be kept in a secure place) 


A lot of our kits and setups contain Firecraft: Vol 1 - The contents of this booklet as well as instructions & visual aids are to be used as general information only, and any activities perused by the reader are done so at their own risk. When in doubt seek professional tutorage at a reputable outdoor or bushcraft school.

This guide describes the use of cutting tools and fire creation and is therefore unsuitable for children.

Bushlore is based in the heart of England, in the ancient rural county of Worcestershire.

We work with a number of Artisan craftspeople to produce our finished equipment. Our products are designed, crafted, assembled and packaged right here at the Bushlore workshop!

We hand select the best natural materials ensuring they meet our core standards of practicality, durability & aesthetics.


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