Fatwood Tinder Dust Tin

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BushLore’s Amber Fatwood Dust is is the perfect natural tinder for fire starting, made out of premium quality Mayan fatwood, this dust contains naturally produced pine resin. The dust can be lit with a ferrocerium rod, lighter, or match. Due to the high resin content contained in Fatwood, once lit the resin acts as a natural fuel source helping to get your fire going. 

- Easily catches sparks from a Ferro rod
- Contained in a waterproof aluminium tin

Based on variation selected:

- Tin Dimensions: 5.3cm x 2cm (30ml)
- Tin Dimensions: 6.8cm x 2.6cm (60ml)

The most compact, space saving way to carry resin rich fatwood on your person, each 60ml tin contains around 10-20 fires (half that for the 30ml version) perfect for your survival kit, EDC or tinder pouch. Each Amber Dust batch is processed at the BushLore workshop using high quality resin rich Mayan fatwood with up to 80% resin content.

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