Artisan Leather Pouch Tinder Kit - Chestnut Brown

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Traditional, handmade, Large leather drawstring Tinder Pouch gift set with a whole host of tinder and natural bushcraft resources. The Artisan edition kit reserves the largest and most unique antlers as well as benefiting from an additional small tinder pouch to complement the large or be used in lieu of it on shorter outdoor trips.

This kit includes;
- Large Leather Tinder Pouch (8" Diameter Closed, 15” Open)
- Amber Fatwood Dust (60ml Tin)
- Amber Fatwood Logs (100g)
- Kapok Tin (60ml Tin)
- Pine Resin Glue Sticks (x2)
- Jutetwine (40 ft)
- Beeswax Soaked Jute Twine (12cm x45)
- BushLore's 1/2" Mammoth Ferrocerium Rod
- Beeswax Cube (x2)
- Bush Wax (30ml Tin)
- Small Leather Tinder Pouch (4”+ Diameter Closed, 8.5” Open)

This traditional leather drawstring pouch is suitable for a wide range of bushcraft & survival uses. These include but are not limited to, tinder, foraged edibles, herbs or utility items.

Large Pouch Details:
- Closed Measurement: 8" Diameter (At base)
- Leather Colour: Chestnut Brown
- Leather Thickness: 2mm
- Inner Suede Colour: Medium-Dark Brown (See Pictures)
- Thick leather tag stopper with BushLore branding
- Rustic brown leather cord
- Friction Closure
- Flat Measurement: 15" Diameter

All leather pouches are handmade using natural materials, this means that natural growth-marks and scars may be visible on the leather, along with variations in antler size, shape and colour, making each pouch unique.

Makers process: We hand select the best natural materials ensuring they meet BushLore core standards of practicality, durability & aesthetics. We cut, brand and shape all components at the BushLore workshop, from leather hide to antler.

Artisan Edition Kit Breakdown;

Small Leather Tinder Pouch
A compact small version of the leather drawstring tinder pouch, extremely useful for messy tinder types such as cramp balls that have a tendency to crumble and break apart, or as an alternative to the large pouch for shorter trips.

Mammoth Ferrocerium Rod
The BushLore Mammoth 1/2" Ferrocerium Rod, has a turned wooden handle, hand rubbed with 3 separate coats of high quality boiled linseed oil, a 3mm leather rustic brown cord and a heat branded BushLore Owl motif on top. This rod comes with a multipurpose black steel striker.

Beeswax Cubes
This is an all natural Beeswax cube moulded and branded at the BushLore workshop, used in all of the BushLore’s wax based recipes and provided by a well established and ethical British wax company.

Amber Dust Tin
The most compact, space saving way to carry resin rich fatwood on your person, each 60ml tin contains around 10-20 fires, preprocessed in a handy waterproof screw lid aluminium tin.

Pine Resin Glue Stick
This pine resin glue stick is made using all natural, high quality ingredients, including pine resin, hardwood British made charcoal dust & beeswax. Solid at room temperature, If you apply heat it will begin to liquefy and can be used on many natural craft projects such as waterproofing bark containers for boiling water, or fixing arrowheads in primitive bow and arrow making.

To use simply hold over a fire until the glue stick begins to liquefy (being careful not to allow it to catch fire) it can then be applied to the appropriate project. A dough-like consistency can be achieved by placing the glue stick in hot water for several minutes achieving an even heat around the resin bulb.

Kapok Tinder Tin
All natural Kapok plant fibres, stored in a useful 60ml waterproof aluminium screw lid tin, which can be reused or refilled when depleted. This handy, extremely lightweight plant fibre will take instant sparks from your ferro rod or flint and steel, but be prepared, it burns extremely quickly.

AmberFatwood Sticks Mini Bundle
These Amber Fatwood sticks are an all natural tinder resource made up of premium Mayan fatwood with up to 80% resin content. Amber Fatwood sticks are the ultimate fire lighter in all weather conditions and can be easily lit even when damp and wet and will continue to burn.

Jute Twine
20ft x2 Jute bundles, these natural plant fibres catch a spark very easily, with simple preparation. Rough up some of the end fibres between your finger and thumb to separate the strands out and then aim sparks to use as a wick

Beeswax Soaked Jute Twine
All natural beeswax infused into 3 ply jute twine. Simply crumble the top part of the beeswax wick to expose the jute twine underneath and then fluff up the jute fibres, throw some sparks on it with your favourite firesteel, this will create an instant burning wick.

Bush Wax
Your equipment is only as good as you treat it! Our homemade treatment works like a charm to protect and restore leather it can also be used on canvas, wood and steel. It has mild medicinal properties for cracked hands, chapped lips and acts as an insect repellent.

BushLore puts great emphasis on ethical material sourcing, supporting a range of British companies throughout the British Isles.

Pouch Maintenance and care:
All of our pouches will develop a rich patina over the course of their life, adding to its expedition history and overall look. The pouches as standard usually come untreated to give the customer the choice to protect and finish it in a way that suits them. This leather will take on a much darker tone when oiled or waxed but will brighten back over time. Oiling will prevent any water absorption when placed on damp surfaces.

Upon the first few waterproofing treatments small amounts of the pouches dye may come off onto the cloth/ applicator. When servicing your leather tinder pouch or any of our leather products it is best stripped down to its base form, i.e. remove cord, tags and fasteners to leave just the leather hide itself. This will ensure a consistent treatment throughout and avoid discolouring antlers/ fasteners.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any and all queries!

This will make the perfect gift for anyone interested in learning more traditional fire making skills or who simply love bushcraft, camping or spending time in the great outdoors.