Beeswax Survival Candle - Nano

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Bushlore's Beeswax Survival candle offers a compact and lightweight means of carrying light and warmth . The nano candle is a lightweight version of our large survival beeswax candle, these are light enough to carry in a first aid kit or throw in a pack whilst still providing around 4-6 hours of burn time each.

The Survival Nano candle is great for emergency situations where you need light or a little added warmth. While small, they pack quite a punch and can warm up a small area in no time. Weighing less than 35 grams it makes an excellent addition to your tinder pouch, survival or first aid kit!

- 100% pure beeswax 
- Approx 4-6 Hours burn time per candle
- Premium beeswax burns hotter and longer
- Reusable Waterproof Tin with Screw Lid
- Made in the Britain

- Weight: Approx 32g+
- Tin Size: 5.3cm x 2cm
- Tin Type: Aluminium Waterproof Tin
- Ingredients: Beeswax, waxed cotton wick

Package Contents: 
1 Natural Beeswax Nano Survival Candle (unless 3 pack variation chosen) 

Caution: This candle/ tin becomes very hot when lit for long periods of time, please take appropriate precautions. 

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