Beeswax Pellets 50g - 1kg

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Natural Yellow Beeswax Pellets, Ideal for making long lasting beeswax candles, polish, treatments & balms as well several useful Bushcraft specific uses: thread waxing for craft, bow drill cord waxing, waterproofing treatment and compounds.

This 100% natural filtered yellow beeswax comes packed in a BushLore eco-resealable bag which fits neatly in your rucksack, bug out bag or pocket. This is the same wax used in all of BushLore's wax based recipes, take a look at our other craft & Bushcraft Supplies to see.

BushLore puts great emphasis on ethical material sourcing, supporting a range of British companies throughout the British Isles. 

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any and all queries!