Flint & Steel Striker Tinder Tin Kit

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Carbon steel striker hand-forged in England, comes in a compact protective hinge tin with cotton drawstring pouch, a black English flint piece, leather holding strip and jute twine bundle. This striker features a rat tail design which allows for it to be held comfortably whilst simultaneously protecting the fingers. The striker has been left unbranded by marks & logos for those wishing to use it in re-enactment type settings, and just appreciate the raw hand-forged metalwork.

This kit includes;
- Carbon Steel Striker (Hand forged in England)
- Compact Hinge Tin 
- Small cotton Pouch 
- Leather Holding Strip
- Tin of Charcloth (30ml)
- Piece of Black English Flint
- Jutetwine (10 ft)

Striker Specifications:
- Dimensions: 8cm x 5cm (approximately - all of our striker are handmade so size variations will exist from one to the next) 
- Material: High Carbon Steel
- Design: 'n' shape or 'Rat Tail'

Striker Kit Breakdown;

Carbon Steel Striker 
One Hand-forged carbon steel 'n' shape also know as rat tail striker design, made in small batches at a traditional blacksmiths forge here in England. Each striker features an iconic rustic steely grey appearance complete with the telltale signs of hand-forged hammer marks. 

Black English Flint
A piece of knapped black flint, sourced from the South of England, these Flint pieces are ideal for use with a Carbon Steel Striker. 

Jute Drawstring Pouch
A natural lightweight pouch to store & carry your traditional fire kit, which can also double up as emergency tinder source if needed

Jute Twine
10ft Jute bundle, these natural plant fibres catch a spark very easily, with simple preparation. Rough up some of the end fibres between your finger and thumb to separate the strands out and then aim sparks to use as a wick 

Striker information and care:
As with any carbon steel items care should be taken to keep them away from prolonged moisture exposure to avoid rusting.

Makers process: We hand select the best natural materials ensuring they meet Bushlore core standards of practicality, durability & aesthetics. 

Bushlore puts great emphasis on ethical material sourcing, supporting a range of British companies throughout the British Isles. 

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any and all queries!