Flint & Steel Striker - Leather Pouch Set

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Carbon steel striker hand-forged in England, comes in a leather drawstring tinder pouch, tin of char-cloth patches, mini Jute drawstring pouch with a black English flint piece, leather holding strip and jute twine bundle. This striker features a rat tail design which allows for it to be held comfortably whilst simultaneously protecting the fingers. The striker has been left unbranded by marks & logos for those wishing to use it in re-enactment type settings, or to just appreciate the raw hand-forged metalwork.

This kit includes;
- Carbon Steel Striker (Hand forged in England)
- Leather Tinder Pouch (4"+ Diameter Closed, 8.5” Open) 
- Small Jute Pouch 
- Leather Holding Strip
- Piece of Black English Flint
- Jutetwine (10 ft)

Striker Specifications:
- Dimensions: 8cm x 5cm (approximately - all of our striker are handmade so size variations will exist from one to the next) 
- Material: High Carbon Steel
- Design: 'n' shape or 'Rat Tail'

Leather Pouch Details:
- Closed Measurement: 4"+ Diameter (At base)
- Thick leather tag stopper with BushLore branding 
- Rustic brown leather cord
- Friction Closure
- Flat Measurement: 8.5"" Diameter

Striker Kit Breakdown;

Carbon Steel Striker 
One Hand-forged carbon steel 'n' shape also know as rat tail striker design, made in small batches at a traditional blacksmiths forge here in England. Each striker features an iconic rustic steely grey appearance complete with the telltale signs of hand-forged hammer marks. 

Black English Flint
A piece of knapped black flint, sourced from the South of England, these Flint pieces are ideal for use with a Carbon Steel Striker. 

Jute Drawstring Pouch
A natural lightweight pouch to use as additional storage within your leather pouch, it can also double up as an emergency tinder source if needed

Jute Twine
10ft Jute bundle, these natural plant fibres catch a spark very easily, with simple preparation. Rough up some of the end fibres between your finger and thumb to separate the strands out and then aim sparks to use as a wick 

Striker information and care:
As with any carbon steel items care should be taken to keep them away from prolonged moisture exposure to avoid rusting.

Makers process: We hand select the best natural materials ensuring they meet Bushlore core standards of practicality, durability & aesthetics. 

Bushlore puts great emphasis on ethical material sourcing, supporting a range of British companies throughout the British Isles.